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Breadcrumb path in RepositoryExplorer needs to clearly show as separate links for each segment


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    • 4.0.0.Alpha4
    • 4.0.0.Alpha4, 3.8.1.Final, 3.8.x-prod-ip6.1
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      The current breadcrumb path appears to be a single link (everything is underlined, including the '/' characters), but in reality each segment in the path is a separate link with a different target URL. So the functionality is there, but the appearance needs to be changed to make each segment clearly distinct. It would be good to increase the font, and to increase the space around the '/' characters. (See GitHub.com for a good example of a usable breadcrumb).

      We also need to be able to jump up to the root node, but for usability the first '/' should not be a link (since the others won't be). One idea might be to place the workspace name (with a link) before the path, as long as it is separated from the path more than each segment and it is not delimited from the path with a '/'. Other options should be considered.

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