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Allow cast of dynamic operand in queries


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      Standard JCR-SQL2 only allows `CAST( ``value`` AS ``type`` )` on the right-hand side of a constraint. This is limiting, especially when the property value may contain a value that is convertible to another type and the constraint should be applied using that other type.

      For example, consider a node type with a property definition for `propertyY` that defines the type as a STRING. Even if some of those values contained string-representations of DOUBLE values, the following query could not be performed:

      SELECT * FROM [nodex] as x  where x.propertyY <= 20.50

      It would be nice to be able to do this:

      SELECT * FROM [nodex] as x  where CAST(x.propertyY AS DOUBLE) <= 20.50

      Doing this will require having a `DynamicOperand` subtype for the `CAST` operation, though the value in the cast probably only needs to be a `PropertyValue`. Specifically, something like this:

      DynamicOperand ::= PropertyValue | ReferenceValue |
                         Length | NodeName | NodeLocalName |
                         NodePath | NodeDepth |
                         CastPropertyValue |
                         FullTextSearchScore |
                         LowerCase | UpperCase |
                         Arithmetic |
                         '(' DynamicOperand ')'
      CastPropertyValue ::= 'CAST(' PropertyValue ' AS ' PropertyType ')'

      where `PropertyValue` and `PropertyType` are already defined in the grammar.

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