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Modeshape not seeing changes made on other cluster nodes, unless doing write operation


      When running in cluster mode, no matter what kind of storage is used (file system, infinispan), modeshape instance doesn't see changes made by other instances until it writes something to storage.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Download attachment from post:

      run main from:

      with parameters:
      -Djava.net.PrefferIPv4Stack=true -Dlog4j.configFile=log4j.properties

      Start two instances, in separate console windows.

      pres 'l' then enter in both consoles, you should see that there are only two inintial nodes.

      add some nodes in window 1, by pressing ie. 'x' then enter

      switch to window 2, pres l then enter for listing, and you still see only 2 nodes.

      press 'x' in window 2, and it suddenly sees changes from window 1 + new node, but window 1 doesn't see changes made in window 2.

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