I am proposing we abandon automagic as much as possible.


      The main idea for automagic is to make deployment simple and easy to migrate/transfer and provide great user experience out of box. Unfortunately, this IMHO often backfires quite significantly resulting in configurations that are:

      1. insecure (listening on all interfaces, allow from all, default security key "changeme!")
      2. difficult to debug (not clear what is the actual configuration)
      3. unstable installations (seemingly unrelated aspects like adding an interface or connector break the previously working configuration)


      There are several areas where automagic happens.

      Advertised address of the proxy

      There were multiple bugs in the past, where would be sent in the advertise mesages, now if its not explcit in the VirtualHost or passed in to ServerAdvertise, it automagically picks a non-local interface. Such configurations should be disallowed.

      Advertise interfaces - Java

      The interfaces are not explicit and advertise messages could be sent/received on more interfaces and is subject to interface configuration which can change. This is also problematic when trying to move to DatagramChannel interface, which requires interfaces to be defined explicitly (MODCLUSTER-502). We can need to require this explicitly. DONE

      Advertise interfaces - Native

      The interfaces are not explicit and advertise messages could be sent/received on more interfaces (see MODCLUSTER-487).

      Connector address

      If bound to any-address, the address is inferred from the proxy connection as the local address. This is solved in the default WildFly configuration as its explicitly bound to a interface.

      Connector selection

      This is solved in WildFly where selection is explicit. In tomcat this causes problems like MODCLUSTER-457 when WS requires http yet ajp is automatically selected by default. We can make this explicit. DONE

      Route generation

      Remove setJvmRoute from the SPI with MODCLUSTER-634.

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