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Change in AdvertiseSecurityKey on httpd side is ignored by running workers


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.10.Final, 1.3.1.Beta1
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      While strengtening the test coverage and tying some loose ends, I encountered the following behaviour. It's always reproducible. Please, take a look at it and comment whether you consider it being a quite evil bug, or whether I'm just being full of ideas

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Setup Apache HTTP Server balancer with AdvertiseSecurityKey karmYYY and start it.
      2. Setup worker 1 with advertise-security-key="karmXXX" and start it.
      3. Setup worker 2 with advertise-security-key="karmYYY" and start it.
      4. worker 2 talks to balancer, that's cool.
      5. worker 1 does not talk to balancer, that's cool.
      6. Stop balancer. Keep both workers running.
      7. Setup Apache HTTP Server balancer with AdvertiseSecurityKey karmXXX and start it.
      8. Now, I would expect that verifyDigest for worker 2 ceases to match and that there will be only worker 1 registered with the balancer. What actually happens is that both worker 1 and worker 2 are registered with the balancer now. STATUS messages are being sent and processed, workers are in OK state.

      I took a look at the differences between master and 1.2.10 branch, especially with regard to MODCLUSTER-338 and MODCLUSTER-337, but it bares no connection to this issue. 1.2.10.Final and 1.3.1.Beta1 exhibit the same kind of behaviour.

      According to the log, the digest logic is sane, i.e. one gets:

       [org.jboss.modcluster.advertise.impl.AdvertiseListenerImpl] (pool-1-thread-1) Advertise message digest verification failed for server 1a3825d7-e3df-4b5d-9838-52a3756284b0

      , but the worker keeps sending STATUS OK messages anyhow.

      Would it make sense for the worker to "leave" the balancer if the digest is suddenly not matching?

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