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mod_cluster and mod_proxy integration


      This Jira encapsulates all concerns regarding mod_cluster - mod_proxy integration. For instance, while basic ProxyPass settings work just fine, e.g. serving some files on /static from the Apache HTTP itself:

      ProxyPassMatch ^/static/ !
      ProxyPass / balancer://qacluster stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid nofailover=on
      ProxyPassReverse / balancer://qacluster
      ProxyPreserveHost on

      there are more complex setups, involving BalancerMember configurations, that do not work as expected. In the following example, one wanted to have /clusterbench application managed by mod_cluster, dynamically, while at the same time, in a different VirtualHost, having /tses application handled by manually created mod_proxy balancer settings.

      Attached mod_cluster.conf, mod_proxy.conf, standalone-ha.xml(modcluster subsystem element only) and error_log.

      The aforementioned setup resulted in:

      HTTP 200 (From worker) OK
      HTTP 404 (From httpd) Expected fail
      HTTP 503 (From httpd) Unexpected fail

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