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Warnings when compiling mod_cluster



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    • 1.2.1.Beta1
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      gives the following warning at compile time

      "mod_advertise.c", line 683: warning: implicit function declaration: getpid
      "mod_advertise.c", line 798: warning: argument #5 is incompatible with prototype:
      prototype: pointer to const void : "/tmp/xbroot/ROOT/include/httpd/ap_provider.h", line 50
      argument : pointer to function(pointer to struct request_rec {pointer to struct apr_pool_t

      {..} pool, pointer to struct conn_rec {..}

      connection, pointer to struct server_rec

      {..} server, pointer to struct request_rec {..}

      next, pointer to struct request_rec

      {..} prev, pointer to struct request_rec {..}

      main, pointer to char the_request, int assbackwards, int proxyreq, int header_only, pointer to char protocol, int proto_num, pointer to const char hostname, long request_time, pointer to const char status_line, int status, pointer to const char method, int method_number, long allowed, pointer to struct apr_array_header_t

      {..} allowed_xmethods, pointer to struct ap_method_list_t {..}

      allowed_methods, long sent_bodyct, long bytes_sent, long mtime, int chunked, pointer to const char range, long clength, long remaining, long read_length, int read_body, int read_chunked, unsigned int expecting_100, pointer to struct apr_table_t

      {..} headers_in, pointer to struct apr_table_t {..}

      headers_out, pointer to struct apr_table_t

      {..} err_headers_out, pointer to struct apr_table_t {..}

      subprocess_env, pointer to struct apr_table_t

      {..} notes, pointer to const char content_type, pointer to const char handler, pointer to const char content_encoding, pointer to struct apr_array_header_t {..}

      content_languages, pointer to char vlist_validator, pointer to char user, pointer to char ap_auth_type, int no_cache, int no_local_copy, pointer to char unparsed_uri, pointer to char uri, pointer to char filename, pointer to char canonical_filename, pointer to char path_info, pointer to char args, struct apr_finfo_t

      {..} finfo, struct apr_uri_t {..}

      parsed_uri, int used_path_info, pointer to struct ap_conf_vector_t

      {..} per_dir_config, pointer to struct ap_conf_vector_t {..}

      request_config, pointer to const struct htaccess_result

      {..} htaccess, pointer to struct ap_filter_t {..}

      output_filters, pointer to struct ap_filter_t

      {..} input_filters, pointer to struct ap_filter_t {..}

      proto_output_filters, pointer to struct ap_filter_t


      proto_input_filters, int eos_sent}) returning void




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