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Add updated boot images support for GCP



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      The bootimage references are currently saved off in the machineset by the openshift installer and is thereafter unmanaged. This machineset object is not updated on an upgrade, so any node scaled up using it will boot up with the original “install” bootimage.

      The “new” boot image references are available in a configmap/coreos-bootimages in the MCO namespace. Here is the PR that implemented this, it’s basically a CVO manifest that pulls from this file in the installer binary. Hence, they are updated on an upgrade. It can also be printed out to console by the following command on the installer: /openshift-install coreos print-stream-json. 

      Implementing this portion should be as simple as iterating through each machineset, and updating the new disk image by crossreferencing the configmap, architecture, region and the platform used in the machineset. This is where the installer figures out the bootimage during an install, so we could model a bit after this.

      It looks like we have Machine API objects for every platform specific providerSpec(formally called providerConfig) we support here. We'd still have to special case the image/ami actual portion of this, but we should be able to leverage some of the work done in the installer(to generate machinesets, for example, GCP) to understand how the image reference is stored for every platform.

      Done when:

      For MVP, the goal is to

      • add a new sub controller within the MCC. This subcontroller can be triggered by a listener on the machinesets and if any changes happen to the "golden" configmap mentioned above
      • We'll support GCP to start. I'll make a follow-up card for the other platforms, but I'm open to adding more here if needed! 


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