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Create / manage custom build pod via BuildController


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      This is intended to create our own custom build pod via BuildController which will be used as a fallback if the OpenShift Build API is unavailable. The productionized BuildController will use the interface discussed in MCO-563 to interface with this new custom build pod implementation. As a first-pass, we can use the OS image since it has Podman on it.

      A future consideration (out-of-scope for this card) is using a dedicated Buildah image (e.g., quay.io/buildah/stable:latest), which should be versioned and managed via the OpenShift release manifest mechanism.


      Done When:

      • The productionized BuildController has a drop-in way to use custom build pods instead of the OpenShift Build API.
      • We may want to expose a knob that will let us explicitly select this custom build pod for testing purposes, though we can later remove it.

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