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Create initial stub for Machine OS Builder binary


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    • OCPSTRAT-35 - Layering ON Cluster Build: Dev Preview
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      To speed development for on-cluster builds and avoid a lot of complex code paths, the decision was made to put all functionality related to building OS images and managing internal registries into a separate binary within the MCO.

      Eventually, this binary will be responsible for running the productionized BuildController and know how to respond to Machine OS Builder API objects. However, until the productionized BuildController and opt-in portions are ready, the first pass of this binary will be much simpler: For now, it can connect to the API server and print a "Hello World".


      Done When:

      • We have a new binary under cmd/machine-os-builder. This binary will be built alongside the current MCO components and will be baked into the MCO image.
      • The Dockerfile, Makefile, and build scripts will need some modification so that they how to build cmd/machine-os-builder.
      • A Deployment manifest is created under manifests/ which is set up to start up a single instance of the new binary though we don't want it to start up by default right now since it won't do anything useful.

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