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[tech-preview] Proper state reporting when the MCO changes state


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    • OCPSTRAT-845 - [Tech Preview] Proper MCO State Reporting
    • OCPSTRAT-845[Tech Preview] Proper MCO State Reporting
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      The MCO should properly report its state in a way that's consistent and able to be understood by customers, troubleshooters, and maintainers alike. 

      For this epic, "state" means "what is the MCO doing?" – so the goal here is to try to make sure that it's always known what the MCO is doing. 

      This includes: 

      • Conditions
      • Some Logging 
      • Possibly Some Events 

      While this probably crosses a little bit into the "status" portion of certain MCO objects, as some state is definitely recorded there, this probably shouldn't turn into a "better status reporting" epic.  I'm interpreting "status" to mean "how is it going" so status is maybe a "detail attached to a state". 


      Exploration here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j6Qea98aVP12kzmPbR_3Y-3-meJQBf0_K6HxZOkzbNk/edit?usp=sharing




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