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Move MCD drain alert into the MCC, revisit error modes


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    • OCPSTRAT-554 - Improving error handling, propagation, collection, and disambiguation for users
    • Sprint 228, Sprint 229
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      As of OCP 4.11, the MCD no longer does draining, and instead the MCC does the drains and knows about the state/failures.

      The MCD still alerts, since that flow was unchanged, but the alert message was changed to look at MCC instead.

      It probably makes more sense to move/change the alert entirely such that the MCC's drain controller is managing it, since the MCD no longer drains.

      Also, both the MCC and MCD today error independently with some issues in terms of timing. We should also revisit how those errors propagate to the pool/CO status alongside the error

      This would need to happen before https://issues.redhat.com/browse/MCO-88

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