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Document support for 3rd party and RHEL content installation


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    • openshift-4.13
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    • OCPSTRAT-143 - Allow admins to add 3rd party and custom content to RHCOS
    • OCPSTRAT-143Allow admins to add 3rd party and custom content to RHCOS
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      As part of enabling OCP CoreOS Layering for third party components, we will need to allow for package installation to /opt. Many OEMs and ISVs install to /opt and it would be difficult for them to make the change only for RHCOS. Meanwhile changing their RHEL target to a different target would also be problematic as their customers are expecting these tools to install in a certain way. Not having to worry about this path will provide the best ecosystem partner and customer experience.


      • Document how 3rd party vendors can be compatible with our current offering.
      • Provide mechanism for 3rd party vendors or their customers to provide information for exceptions that require an RPM to install binaries to /opt as an install target path.

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