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Upgrading to 2.0.0 with an existing SMCP considered invalid cannot easily be repaired


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      If a user has a pre-existing SMCP which is invalid, for example defining an attribute as null when it is expected to be a string, then it is not possible to fix without deleting the operator and CRDs.

      Validation will fail with an error, for example as follows

      Error from server: error when creating "smcp.yaml": conversion webhook for maistra.io/v1, Kind=ServiceMeshControlPlane failed: .redundancyPolicy accessor error: <nil> is of the type <nil>, expected string

      and this prevents any manipulation of the resource (edit/delete etc).

      The only fix appears to be uninstall the operator and delete the CRDs, tidying up the resource, and then a clean installation with the fixed SMCP.

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