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Locale is not used in the actual string format.




      The String.format() method accepts a Locale parameter. We should be using the Locale of the implementation class. Since the format method is called from a final method, we need a polymorphic way of getting the Locale instance; therefore, a protected method should be added to the generated base class like this:

          protected Locale getLoggingLocale() {
              return Locale.ROOT;

      Then each subclass should return a locale object specific to that class. The locale object returned should either be one of the following:

      • Locale.CANADA - for "en_CA"
      • Locale.CANADA_FRENCH - for "fr_CA"
      • Locale.CHINESE - for "zh"
      • Locale.ENGLISH - for "en"
      • Locale.FRANCE - for "fr_FR"
      • Locale.FRENCH - for "fr"
      • Locale.GERMAN - for "de"
      • Locale.GERMANY - for "de_DE"
      • Locale.ITALIAN - for "it"
      • Locale.ITALY - for "it_IT"
      • Locale.JAPAN - for "ja_JP"
      • Locale.JAPANESE - for "ja"
      • Locale.KOREA - for "ko_KR"
      • Locale.KOREAN - for "ko"
      • Locale.SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE - for "zh_CN"
      • Locale.TRADITIONAL_CHINESE - for "zh_TW"
      • Locale.UK - for "en_GB"
      • Locale.US - for "en_US"

      If the locale is not one of the above, then the correct Locale should be created in a private constant field of the class like this:

          private static final Locale LOCALE = new Locale("hu");
          // or...
          private static final Locale LOCALE = new Locale("hu", "HU");
          // or...
          private static final Locale LOCALE = new Locale("hu", "HU", "technl");
          // ...and then...
          protected Locale getLoggingLocale() {
              return LOCALE;

      Finally, all calls to format() should be rewritten to use the locale from the method like this:

                  final NamingException result = new NamingException(String.format(getLoggingLocale(), objectFromReference$str()));


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