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Infra container input types do not exclude infra logging


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    • Before this change, defining and infrastructure input type did not exclude logging workloads from collection. This fixes that by excluding logging services to avoid feedback loops
    • Bug Fix
    • Log Collection - Sprint 251, Log Collection - Sprint 252, Log Collection - Sprint 253

      Description of problem:

      Configuration a CLF with an infrastructure input that collects infra containers does not exclude logging infra from collection

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      How reproducible:

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a CLF with input.infrastructure.sources=container

      Actual results:

      Note `include_paths_glob_patterns = ["/var/log/pods/default_*/*/*.log", "/var/log/pods/kube*_*/*/*.log", "/var/log/pods/openshift*_*/*/*.log"]`

      Expected results:

      exclude_paths_glob_patterns = ["/var/log/pods/*/*/*.gz", "/var/log/pods/*/*/*.tmp", "/var/log/pods/openshift-logging_*/gateway/*.log", "/var/log/pods/openshift-logging_*/loki*/*.log", "/var/log/pods/openshift-logging_*/opa/*.log", "/var/log/pods/openshift-logging_elasticsearch-*/*/*.log", "/var/log/pods/openshift-logging_kibana-*/*/*.log", "/var/log/pods/openshift-logging_logfilesmetricexporter-*/*/*.log"]

      Additional info:

            jcantril@redhat.com Jeffrey Cantrill
            jcantril@redhat.com Jeffrey Cantrill
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