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[release-5.8] Histogram show error when display line chat


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    • Logging 5.8.5
    • Logging 5.8.3
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    • Before this fix, executing a query for logs metrics caused an error on the histogram. After this fix the histogram toggle and chart are disabled and hidden as the histogram is not compatible with log metrics
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      Description of problem:

      Historgram raises error when the line chat is displaying.  


      Step to Reproduce:

      1) go to observe->Logs.
      2) show  Historgram
      3) Show query 
      4) Input clause which can display line chat.( for example:  rate({ log_type="application"}[10m]) )

      Expected result:

      Historgram is closed automaticlly or Historgram show 'No Data Point'

            gbernal@redhat.com Gabriel Bernal
            rhn-support-anli Anping Li
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