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Implement Custom Tenant Configuration for supported outputs


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    • OBSDA-392 - Allow specifying custom index pattern in Cluster Log Forwarder
    • OBSDA-392Allow specifying custom index pattern in Cluster Log Forwarder
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    • This enhancement introduces the capability for custom tenant configuration across all supported outputs, facilitating the organization of log records in a logical manner. However, it does not permit custom tenant configuration for Logging managed storage.
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      • Allow admins to spec the tenant for an output (e.g. Elasticsearch, Splunk, Loki, cloudwatch)


      • Allowing admins to spec the tenant for Logging managed storage (e.g. Elasticsearch, LokiStac


      The existing design restricts some customers ability to organize their log records in a way that is logical to them. This change would allow configuration to meet their requirements.


      Acceptance Criteria

      • Verify the API allows the tenet to be set by the admin (e.g. Elasticsearch or splunk index)
      • Verify the admin is able to spec the tenant from a record's pod labels or namespace
      • Verify tenant specs for 'default' storage are rejected by the operator

      Risk and Assumptions

      Documentation Considerations

      • API changes
      • Explicit fields from which the tenant can be crafted
      • Tenant spec is disallowed for 'default' storage

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