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LokiStack 1x.extra-small Support


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    • LokiStack 1x.extra-small Support
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    • OBSDA-281 - [CEE.neXT] Introducing size between 1x.extra-small and 1x.small for LOKI
    • OBSDA-281[CEE.neXT] Introducing size between 1x.extra-small and 1x.small for LOKI
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    • With this update, a new supported small-scale LokiStack size of 1x.extra-small is introduced for OCP clusters hosting a few workloads and smaller ingestion volumes (up to 100GB/day).
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      1. Provide a supported small-scale LokiStack size for ingestion volumes below 100 GB/day
      2. Support a small-scale LokiStack size for small OpenShift Container Platform clusters hosting a few workloads and the infra control plane.
      3. Provide supported upgrades to 1x.small and 1x.medium.


      1. Custom resource requirements management for Loki components.


      Since the inception of LokiStack deployment sizing the 1x.extra-small was deemed as a not-supported size and used only for demos and testing. With introduction of 1x.demo, and customers requesting running very small LokiStacks it becomes an eligible deployment size for official support.


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