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Delete the logforwarding CR, but still the collector pods are up and running


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    • Before this update, when no logstore has been specified, the collector daemonset was not being removed when clusterlogforwarder instance was deleted. With this update, the daemonset is removed as expected.
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    • Log Collection - Sprint 235, Log Collection - Sprint 236

      Description of problem:

      Why collector pod is not starting for the first time and started only when logforwarding is configured ? And why not same behaviour after deleting the logforwarder ?

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      How reproducible:

      1.  Configured cluster logging CR.
      2. Collector pods is not created. 3. Once we configure logforwarding CR, collector pods are started.
      3. Delete the logforwarding CR, still the collector pods are up and running
      4. Delete the collector pod, it gets recreated automatically (Even though logforwarding is not configured)

      Steps to Reproduce:

      3. ...

      Actual results:

      Expected results:

      Additional info:

      Slack thread: https://redhat-internal.slack.com/archives/CB3HXM2QK/p1683026867437779

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