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Cannot use default Replication Factor for shirt size


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    • Before this update, a default value set within the LokiStack Custom Resource Definition, cause an inability to create a LokiStack instance without a `ReplicationFactor` of 1. With this update, the operator sets the actual value for the shirt size used.
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      When using the OpenShift Console to create a LokiStack instance, the `replicationFactor` is set to 1. This is due to a default value set in the API. This causes the `replicationFactor` to be 1, regardless of what the initial default of this value is.

      With the update, this field can be left empty which allows the defaults of 2 and 3 (respectively for 1x.small and 1x.medium) to be used. This field was intended to allow for overwriting the operator. However, as is, it causes the field to always be 1, which is not the intended effect.

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