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[release-5.4] consoleexternalloglinks.console.openshift.io/kibana should be removed once Kibana is deleted


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    • Before this update, if you deleted the Kibana Custom Resource, the {product-title} web console continued displaying a link to Kibana. With this update, removing the Kibana Custom Resource also removes that link.
    • Log Storage - Sprint 223, Log Storage - Sprint 224

      consoleexternalloglinks.console.openshift.io/kibana is not removed when elasticsearch resoruce is deleted. That leave an orphan 'Show in Kibana' link in the console

      How reproducible: always
      Steps to Reproduce:

      Step to reproduced:
      1) deploy a clusterlogging instance and send logs to elasticsearch.
      2) Check the pod detail in console
      There is "Show in Kibana' link in Home->Project > pod>pod detail ->logs.
      There is one resource consoleexternalloglinks.console.openshift.io/kibana
      3) delete clusterlogging instance.
      Expected result:
      the resource consoleexternalloglinks.console.openshift.io/kibana is removed.
      Actual result:
      consoleexternalloglinks.console.openshift.io/kibana wasn't deleted.

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