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Loki cannot send logs after upgrade to 5.4.3 from 5.4.2 with 'http'


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    • OBSDA-7 - Adopting Loki as an alternative to Elasticsearch to support more lightweight, easier to manage/operate storage scenarios
    • Before this update, <X problem> caused <Y situation> (OPTIONAL: under the following <Z conditions>). With this update, <fix> resolves the issue (OPTIONAL: and <agent> can <perform operation> successfully).
    • Log Storage - Sprint 221

      Customer needs to be aware that logs cannot be sent to Loki through 'http' after recent changes in how the route is handled.

      This is for Loki upgrade from 5.4.2 to 5.4.3

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Install Loki Operator v5.4.2 from redhat-operators catalog source. Create storage bucket and LokiStack CR.

      [kbharti@cube hack]$ oc get csv -n openshift-logging
      NAME                     DISPLAY                     VERSION    REPLACES   PHASE
      cluster-logging.5.4.3    Red Hat OpenShift Logging   5.4.3                 Succeeded
      loki-operator.5.4.2-30   Loki Operator               5.4.2-30              Succeeded

      2) Forward logs to Loki using bearer token and CLF.

      3) Logs can be queried through logcli

      logcli -o raw --bearer-token="$(oc whoami -t)" --addr "http://lokistack-dev-openshift-logging.apps.kbharti-411-142.qe.devcluster.openshift.com/api/logs/v1/application" query '{kubernetes_namespace_name="test"}'

      4) Upgrade Loki from 5.4.2 to 5.4.3 using new cpaas index image and catalog source.

      Index image: quay.io/openshift-qe-optional-operators/ocp4-index:cpaas-logging-1653

      5) New logs are not present on Loki

      To send logs to Loki after 5.4.3 upgrade, follow below guide


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