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Correlate alerts to logs - MVP


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      • MVP subset of OBSDA-110
      • Link from openshift console alerts page directly to correlated logs
      • See screen.png for dummy screen view.
      • Correlation rules are described in this document


      • Not correlating other signal types
      • Not a general-purpose correlation engine
        • Correlation and query generation logic may be re-used in future.

      Why is this important?

      Logs are often relevant to resolving alerts, it is currently difficult to locate the relevant logs.


      Cluster admin receives alert, needs to examine relevant logs to understand the cause.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • "Logs" tab or link to correlated logs around the time of the alert.
      • Only visible when logging console plugin is enabled, see LOG-2389
      • Must produce useful results for at least the top 5 alerts listed in this document,

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