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Add link to log console from pod views



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    • This enhancement adds an Aggregated Logs tab to the Pod Details page of the OpenShift WebConsole when the RedHat OpenShift Logging Console Plugin is in use. This enhancement is only available on {product-title} 4.10 and later.



      NOTE: the design has changed from the original statement. The original design was to replace the raw tail logs, the new design is to add a link.

      Currently the pod view of the openshift console includes a "logs" tab that shows the tail of the raw pod logs.

      When the logging console is available, these tail views should include a link to an equivalent tail log in the logging console view.

      The raw tail view should remain and the text of the view modified to explain that the raw view is taken directly from the original log files, whereas the logging view is a view of aggregated logs stored in a database. The raw view is always available, even if no log storage or log collection is configured.

      Acceptance Criteria

      •   A new tab in the pod details view showing equivalent aggregated logs to those shown in the raw view.
      •  The tab is only shown when the logging view plugin is installed and functional.

      Open Questions

      We should add similar links to pages for Deployments, Services and any other resource types supported by oc logs, using the same pod selection logic as oc logs

      The assignee for this story should determine if it is easy enough to do all that as one story, or to create new stories for the other resource types.


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