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[loki-operator] Live tail of logs does not work on OpenShift


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    • OBSDA-7 - Adopting Loki as an alternative to Elasticsearch to support more lightweight, easier to manage/operate storage scenarios
    • Before this update, the Loki operator had a certificate issue in one of it's components, which caused live tailing of logs to fail in environments with TLS enbaled. With this update, live tailing works on TLS enabled environments.
    • Logging (LogExp) - Sprint 217, Logging (LogExp) - Sprint 218, Logging (LogExp) - Sprint 219, Logging (LogExp) - Sprint 220, Log Storage - Sprint 221, Log Storage - Sprint 222

      The "live tailing" function of Loki works correctly on a LokiStack deployed on kind, but it does not work on a LokiStack deployed on OCP.

      Grafana reports the following error:

      Live tailing was stopped due to following error: undefined 

      logcli reports this error:

      Tailing logs failed: Error response from server:  (websocket: bad handshake) 

      This seems to be related to the issue that the components have TLS enabled when deployed on OCP, while this is disabled in the "development" configuration.

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