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Logging link is not removed when CLO is uninstalled or its instance is removed


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    • Before this update, the logging console link in OpenShift WebConsole was not removed with the cluster logging CR. With this update, deleting the CR or uninstalling the Cluster Logging Operator removes the link.
    • Logging (LogExp) - Sprint 211, Logging (LogExp) - Sprint 212, Logging (LogExp) - Sprint 214

      Description of problem:
      The logging link from OpenShift WebConsole is not removed when an instance of OpenShift Logging is removed or CLO is uninstalled from the cluster. When an instance of OpenShift Logging is created there is also created a link in the Application menu on top of OpenShift Web Console.

      Version-Release number of selected component:

      • OCP v4.8

      How reproducible:

      • Deploy CLO from OperatorHub and create an instance of OpenShift Logging.
      • Check on top of OpenShift Web Console the Application menu where is a menu item for OpenShift Logging.

      Actual results:

      • The link is present forever on top of OpenShift WebConsole.

      Expected results:

      • Logging link should be removed when CLO is uninstalled or an instance of OpenShift Logging is removed.

      Additional info:

      • There is an RFE with "Resolution: Done" and we are not sure if this RFE is finished and work on this RFE is done or if its work is in progress. This RFE was about creating a Logging icon for the menu item in the Application menu of the OpenShift WebConsole but it looks like it was misunderstood because only icons for OpenShift Logging and ElasticSearch Operator were created in the OperatorHub.

      [1] OpenShift Request For Enhancement: RFE-1175, Logging link should contain an icon (https://issues.redhat.com/browse/RFE-1175)

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