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SWF Editor - Add Subflow Link to VsCode text editor


      The goal of this feature is to turn "subFlowRef" property value into a link in VsCode SWF text editor.

      Similar to programing languages supported by VsCode, by holding CTRL key and then hovering "subFlowRef" property value, it shall be turned into a link, then If the user clicks on the link it leads to the file or files where the the workflow "id" is equal to "subFlowRef" value.


      Note: The link feature depends on a definition provider implementation.

      Points to be considered:

      • By holding CTRL key and hover "subFlowRef" property value, it shall be turned into a link
      • By clicking on the link all workflow files shall be searched for the "id" property in (VsCode default behavior):
        • Opened folder root directory and its sub-directories (if there is an opened folder)
        • Opened files in the editor (if there is no opened folder)
      • Support to multiple occurencies of the same wokflow "id", thus the user may pick the suitable file from the list.
      • It shall work with JSON and YAML files.

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