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[Community tracker] - [KUBE] Use Schemaless for Objects that can be Unmarshaled as string or struct


    • 2023 Week 12-14 (from Mar 20), 2023 Week 15-17 (from Apr 10)

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      Kubernetes Kubebuilder code generator is not able to handle union tag which handles the oneOf definition that allows us to define which types a struct accepts two types, example, string and boolean.
      More information on kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools#298

      One option to overcome this problem is defining the affect struct as schemaless and delegate the workflow validation to the admission webhook.


      // +kubebuilder:validation:Schemaless
      // +kubebuilder:pruning:PreserveUnknownFields
      Object *CustomObj `json:"object,omitempty"`

      {}This way, this field can be defined as Schemaless and will accept any value.
      Why is this needed:
      To be able to smoothly integrate the sdk with Kubernetes.

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