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Allow to use a separate image for Data Index Dev Service Test


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    • 1.36.0.Final
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    • 2023 Week 09-11 (from Feb 27), 2023 Week 12-14 (from Mar 20)

      Most of the time we can use the same image which was provided using the data-index-ephemeral.image property as a part of the kogito-quarkus-workflow-common-deployment module build. The image being written as a default in the extension is the same as the one which the tests will be run with, e.g. latest nightly. But for release pipeline we are putting in the extension a reference to the future final image (non-nightly) which doesn't exist when the module is built and tests are executed. Therefore, as the best effort, we should use the latest nightly image for tests to be as close as possible to the image used in the released build. For this we need a separate property, e.g. data-index-ephemeral.image.test.

            mmacik@redhat.com Marian Macik
            mmacik@redhat.com Marian Macik
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