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Improve the Kaniko build time using a pre-warmed cache and desired resources


    • 2022 Week 50-02 (from Dec 12), 2023 Week 03-05 (from Jan 16)

      In order to speed up the Kaniko build time we need to:

      • double check the we can use a pre-warmed cache using a PV attached
      • assign to the Kaniko builder pod a set of resources (cpu/mem) that will let us to reach the build time we would like


      Kaniko has got one important issue with the snapshotting phase (see ISSUE-970) especially on Minikube with the internal registry.

      In order to let the user have an alternative in case they will face this problem we need to add a builder using Buildah (see ISSUE-1209).

            dsalerno@redhat.com Davide Salerno
            dsalerno@redhat.com Davide Salerno
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