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[SW]: Implementing OpenAPI Callback Support within Serverless Workflows


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    • 2022 Week 38-40 (from Sept 19), 2022 Week 41-43 (from Oct 10), 2022 Week 44-46 (from Oct 31)

      OpenAPI supports the functionality of long running processes called "Callbacks". See https://swagger.io/docs/specification/callbacks/


      Supporting this within Kogito, would enable users to make use of this functionality to perform long running Request/Response operations enabled by the OpenAPI.

      There are a few ways this could be implemented. A possible implementation would be:

      • Allow Serverless Workflow Callback States to take a particular HTTP Response to resume the Workflow. (Currently only specif CloudEvents can be used to resume workflows.)
        • The HTTP Response would actually be a Request into the Workflow Server made by the OpenAPI service upon completion of the Long Running Process.
        • This implementation would allow for scaling down of the Orchestration Service while waiting for the OpenAPI to return.

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