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Provide custom marshaller as dependencies


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    • Added new kogito addon that add support for avro marshalling/unmarshalling
    • 2022 Week 05-07 (from Jan 31), 2022 Week 08-10 (from Feb 21), 2022 Week 11-13 (from Mar 14), 2022 Week 14-16 (from Apr 4), 2022 Week 41-43 (from Oct 10)

      Now that default marshaller can be overriden as proof here, we should provide additional marshaller out of the box as optional dependencies that might be included by users in their poms to override defaulb behaviour (the default behavious is jasckson serialization, there wont be need to add dependency for that)

      Thanks tdolphin-1 for the idea.

            ftirados Francisco Javier Tirado Sarti
            ftirados Francisco Javier Tirado Sarti
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