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Refine dmn-drools-*-metrics


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      Currently, dmn-drools-quarkus-metrics and dmn-drools-springboot-metrics have the following minor issues
      1) issue `mvn clean install -DskipTests` inside ` dmn-drools-quarkus-metrics` does not copy dashboards, because in quarkus they are generated after prepare-package
      2) the build works only invoking the `install` phase, needlessly forcing the user to copy the artifact in the .m2 directory

      Scope of this PR is to
      1) define a common, working phase for copy-resources for both quarkus and springboot
      2) allow user to successfully runt the example without `install` the artifact in the .m2 repo

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            gcardosi Gabriele Cardosi (Inactive)
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