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Undo/Redo state control on VSCode


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    • Undo/Redo state control
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      Provide a real Undo/redo user experience independently of the platform where he's using the BPMN/DMN Editor (vsCode, chrome extension, online editor or Business Central). This will be achieved by creating a generic StateControl API at platform level to keep track of the command stack. This API will be in charge to to receive undo / redo calls from the inner editor (key bindings in Business central + header buttons) or from outside of the editor.

      See details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YI11yAHdmIHNT53Ja1jyBBjKzSNOy6KsW_q9G-k1EcA/edit#

      Non goals
      This API won't provide a generic key binding mechanism, this should be handled by another development. To keep consistency, it will only cover the key bindings for Business Central.

      Acceptance criteria

      • Correct command execution providing the same user experience as usual.
      • Correct handling of undo/redo commands, providing the same expirience as usual.
      • Correct integration on Business Central, with funcional key bindings & header buttons.
      • Correct integration on different platforms (VS Code, Chrome extension & Online Editor).

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