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BPMN Editor - Moving connector's bendpoints results on erros in the console


    • 2021 Week 28-30 (from Jul 12), 2021 Week 31-33 (from Aug 2)

      Once trying to move an existing bendpoint in a connector, an error occurs, as the exception [1] appears on client side console.

      Reporting as minor priority because the model gets properly updated, so although the an error appears on the console, the model is properly updated and process can be saved / reopened properly. End users are not facing any issue.

      [1] Exception:

      Throwable.java:117 Uncaught Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'onNodeDragEnd_15_g$' of undefined
       at RuntimeException_6_g$.createError_0_g$ [as createError_3_g$] (Throwable.java:117)
       at RuntimeException_6_g$.initializeBackingError_0_g$ [as initializeBackingError_1_g$] (Throwable.java:109)
       at RuntimeException_6_g$.Throwable_6_g$ (Throwable.java:83)
       at RuntimeException_6_g$.Exception_6_g$ (Exception.java:37)
       at new RuntimeException_6_g$ (RuntimeException.java:37)
       at HandlerManager_1_g$.fireEvent_5_g$ [as fireEvent_214_g$] (HandlerManager.java:95)
       at Circle_1_g$.fireEvent_1_g$ [as fireEvent_214_g$] (Node.java:997)
       at LienzoPanelHandlerManager_1_g$.fireEvent_4_g$ [as fireEvent_215_g$] (LienzoPanelHandlerManager.java:730)
       at LienzoPanelHandlerManager_1_g$.doDragCancel_0_g$ [as doDragCancel_1_g$] (LienzoPanelHandlerManager.java:548)
       at LienzoPanelHandlerManager_1_g$.onNodeMouseUpTouchEnd_0_g$ [as onNodeMouseUpTouchEnd_1_g$] (LienzoPanelHandlerManager.java:823)
       at LienzoPanelHandlerManager_1_g$.lambda$3_10_g$ [as lambda$3_216_g$] (LienzoPanelHandlerManager.java:282)
       at LienzoPanelHandlerManager$lambda$3$Type_1_g$.handleEvent_9_g$ [as handleEvent] (LienzoPanelHandlerManager.java:262)

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