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Stunner - Line splicing



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    • 2021 Week 22-24 (from May 31), 2021 Week 25-27 (from Jun 21), 2021 Week 28-30 (from Jul 12), 2021 Week 31-33 (from Aug 2)


      The goal for this task is to be able to perform line splicing.

      Line splicing is a feature that allows dropping a shape on top of a connector (eg: line) in order to automatically split it into two connetors and perform the right connection assignments.

      For example, consider the following BPMN flow:

      T1 --C1-> T2
      • * T1 and T2 are tasks
      • C1 is a sequence flow

      At that point, once line splicing is working, creating a new task T3 and moving it on top of C1 will result as:

      T1 --C1-> T3 -C2-> T2

      NOTE: The line splicing is already available on lienzo side, it's missing the Stunner integration for it - commands, rules, etc

      Acceptance criteria

      If two nodes are connected with sequence flow and the third one is dragged and dropped over this sequence flow, a new one sequence flow is created:

      • If the connection is allowed the connector is highlighted in blue when the node is being dragged over the connector.
      • Target of the initial sequence flow changes to a new ("dropped") node
      • The new sequence flow has the Source set to the new node and the Target of this flow is set to the Target of the initial sequence flow.
      • The new node is placed at the position it was dropped.
      • If the line splice is being performed in a container such as a lane, the containment operation has to be performed as well.
      • Undo and Redo operations are suported.
      • Line splice must be compliant to all allow node connection rules.

      Other cases:

      • If the connection is not allowed the connector is highlighted in red when the node is being dragged over the connector.
      • In case there is no enough space to splice the initial sequence flow, the line splice isn't performed. 


      • This new feature will be available on all kogito channels (vscode, standalone, online, etc)
      • BPMN and DMN editors
      • BC editors are out from scope


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