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Do not open editor when .bpmn file can't be loaded


    • 2020 Week 25-27 (from Jun 15)

      When I want to edit a .bpmn file that can't be loaded by the editor the extension opens an editor with only start node.
      the editor shows an error dialog. See screenshots.

      I would expect chrome-extension to not show any editor and go back to text view. Maybe notify user about this using alert window. I am able o edit and propose a file change so this is not a safe approach and could lead to confusion.

      Happens on all channels.

      Issue is located on kogito-bpmn editor side, tooling should be ok.

      Acceptance criteria
      User is notified via alert windows that shown diagram is not the actual one.
      A text view is shown to user when he tries to edit a diagram that can be loaded.

      Example process:

            kgaevski@redhat.com Kirill Gaevskii
            dhanak@redhat.com Dominik Hanak
            Dominik Hanak Dominik Hanak
            Dominik Hanak Dominik Hanak
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