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Data index InfinispanWebSocketSubscriptionIT test is not being executed and fails when enabled


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    • 2021 Week 16-18 (from Apr 19)

      After spending some time trying to understand why the IfinispanWebSocketSubscriptionIT is not being executed I've concluded the following:

      If you add the following missing dependency to the kogito-apps/data-index/data-index-service/data-index-service-infinispan/pom.xml, the test is executed and fails:

      <!-- missing dependency -->

      Since the dependency is not present, the test is not executed. And thus the situation is not being detected by the CI.

      (I believe the same happens with the MongoDBWebSockedSubscritpionIT equivalent test)

      Why did I arrive to this?

      I've tried in a local experiment to use the data index subscriptions and it was no possible to make it work, so I've ended up in the InfinispanWebSocketSubscriptionIT test to try to see if worked and could see that not, etc.

      So I got the feeling that Subscriptions are also not working, but this last I don't know.
      Maybe it's just a matter of adjusting the test and I'm doing something wrong in my local experiment.


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