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SceSim Editor does not work in Eclipse Theia


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    • Kogito Tooling 0.11.0
    • Kogito Tooling 0.8.3
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      The loading spinner runs forever when trying to open an SCESIM file.


      More details:

      Although the path is correct, Theia cannot locate the `XYZ.cache.js` file.

      The following error is thrown in the web console: 

      org.drools.workbench.screens.scenariosimulation.webapp.DroolsWorkbenchScenarioSimulationKogitoRuntime.nocache.js:128 GET http://783c741b-8a01-4ac1-b6b6-d8869fa5eba5.webview.localhost:3000/webview/theia-resource/file///home/guilherme/dev/theia/plugins/vscode_extension_kogito_kie_editors/extension/dist/webview/editors/scesim/org.drools.workbench.screens.scenariosimulation.webapp.DroolsWorkbenchScenarioSimulationKogitoRuntime/084BD0797AA588387BA8B21603266573.cache.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)


      Since DMN and BPMN files open properly and the path structure is pretty similar to SCESIM, we need further investigation to check if the issue is on our side.

      Similar issue: https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/issues/8874

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