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"-svg" added to SVG name when exporting


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    • 1.7.0.Final
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    • 2021 Week 16-18 (from Apr 19), 2021 Week 19-21 (from May 10)

      When exporting an SVG from the extension in VS Code "-svg" is appended to the piece id. e.g. the resulting file name is of the form <process id>-svg.svg. The SVG isn't then detected for display unless the filename is edited.

      After some discussion:
      Re-reading the documentation I see now that it says "For example, when the SVG files are generated, rename the files to {{

      {processId}.svg}}. ". This is easy to miss when the filename is of the form {{{processId}

      -svg.svg }} and it's not obvious why it would be necessary to rename.

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