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[DMN Designer] DMN schema/model validation errors when model has AUTO-SOURCE or AUTO-TARGET connections


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    • 2021 Week 07-09 (from Feb 15)

      DMN model cannot be executed due to validation errors in the when model has AUTO or SOURCE connections.

      2021-02-19 12:10:25,233 ERROR [io.qua.dep.dev.IsolatedDevModeMain] (main) Failed to start quarkus: java.lang.RuntimeException: io.quarkus.builder.BuildException: Build failure: Build failed due to errors
      	[error]: Build step org.kie.kogito.quarkus.deployment.KogitoAssetsProcessor#generateModel threw an exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: DMN Validation schema and model validation contained errors
      You may configure kogito.decisions.validation=IGNORE to ignore validation errors
      DMN Validation errors:
      : Failed XML validation of DMN file: cvc-datatype-valid.1.2.1: 'dmnedge-drg-_E41B33C3-D756-4B8E-9192-2C4417928F17#AUTO-TARGET' is not a valid value for 'NCName'.,
      : One of the supplied DMN Models has failed validation; cannot proceed to validation of the remaining DMN Models.
      	at org.kie.kogito.codegen.decision.DecisionValidation.processMessagesHandleErrors(DecisionValidation.java:191)
      	at org.kie.kogito.codegen.decision.DecisionValidation.dmnValidateResources(DecisionValidation.java:86)
      	at org.kie.kogito.codegen.decision.DecisionCodegen.loadModelsAndValidate(DecisionCodegen.java:96)
      	at org.kie.kogito.codegen.decision.DecisionCodegen.generate(DecisionCodegen.java:113)
      	at org.kie.kogito.codegen.decision.DecisionCodegen.generate(DecisionCodegen.java:62)
      	at org.kie.kogito.codegen.core.ApplicationGenerator.lambda$generateComponents$1(ApplicationGenera

      Actual: id is being saved as <something>#AUTO-TARGET or <something>#AUTO-SOURCE
      Expected: id must be saved as <something>-AUTO-TARGET or <something>-AUTO-SOURCE

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