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[DMN Designer] Multiple DRDs support - Warn users when more than one node will be cascaded deleted


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    • When user is using multiple-diagrams and delete a node in the DRG (the default diagram), this node is deleted in others diagrams. Now there is a message asking for confirmation to the user in this specific case.
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    • 2020 Week 40-42 (from Sep 28), 2020 Week 43-45 (from Okt 19), 2020 Week 46-48 (from Nov 9)

      Currently, when users remove a node from the DRG, it is globally removed (since it was removed from the global context of the model).

      However, maybe users are not expecting that behaviour. So to avoid that, this JIRA comprehends to a warn message before removing a node that will impact on "other nodes" removal.

      Reported by: https://github.com/kiegroup/kie-wb-common/pull/3379#issuecomment-694168189

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