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[Guided Tour] UX for DMN "Guided Tour" tool


    • 2020 Week 19-21 (from May 4), 2020 Week 22-24 (from May 25)

      As a DMN user, I want to see a tour[1] between the main DMN editor components[2], only when I open the editor for the first time.

      Ideally, some steps of the tour wouldn't be just presentative and would demand some action from users. So, instead of:
      "This is the editor palette."
      We would show a step like this:
      "Try to drag a decision node into the canvas, by using the editor palette."

      [1] Reference: The https://reactour.js.org inspires this feature.
      [2] Main DMN editor components: nodes palette, properties panel, data types tab, included models tab, boxed expressions editor, decision navigator.

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