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Editor's Backend Support


    • Editor's Backend Support (LSP)
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      Provide a pluggable infrastructure, able to augment the capabilities of the editors by enabling some backend dependent features.

      This infrastructure will be the integration point for future multiple editor backend services, i.e.:

      • Integration with Java Language Service via LSP;
      • Java types auto-complete on editors;
      • React to refactorings in Java code by the editors;
      • DMN validation;
      • DMN Node Validation;
      • DMN Data Type Constraints;
      • Feel Backend;
      • DMN Quick Test tool;
      • Debug Boxed Expressions;
      • SceSim CSV Import/Export;
      • SceSim Test Runner;
      • SceSim Test Report;
      • ...


      This JIRA is not intended to develop any user face service, but it's related to infrastructure code for editors.

      Acceptance criteria

      A VS Code extension and an API able to plug backend editor services.

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