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Updating node labels used for kataConfigPoolSelector doesn't trigger any node change


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    • OSC 1.4.0
    • OSC 1.3.3
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    • KATA-2418 - sandboxed containers: rework kataconfig status reporting
    • Changes in Node labeling that affect whether a Node is or is not kata-enabled are now handled correctly (see also KATA-1228).
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    • Kata Sprint #231, Kata Sprint #233, Kata Sprint #234
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      After kata deployed with kataConfigPoolSelector in kataconfig configured to match a label and nodes matching that label got installed, any post deployement changes of labels of any node (adding more nodes with matching label or deleting some) does not trigger deployement change (until kataconfig is deleted completely and re-deployed)

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Label one of the workers with custom-kata1=test
      2. Deploy kataconfig with:
            custom-kata1: test
      As result - matching worker got kata-oc role and run kata runtime
      3. label another worker node with the same label

      Expected result

      another worker have kata runtime installed and this change is reflected in kataconfig

      Actual result

      no change in kataconfig, installationStatus is false


      Meaning that cluster with subset of nodes labeled initially for kata runtime cannot be easily expanded without introducing another label and modifying kataconfig accordingly. This workaround should be documented in case this bug will be closed as WONTFIX as a feature that never worked


      Tested on OCP 4.12 RC6 with OSC 1.3.2 and OCP 4.10 with OSC 1.2.2

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