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Dealing with existing KataConfig during operator upgrade


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    • OSC 1.3.0
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      After an upgrade of an operator the state of the operands does not change

      • kataconfig does not get updated
      • monitor pods still running 1.2 image

      This is a placeholder for things that we might want to perform on an existing KataConfig when upgrading the operator:

      • expose new fields (`LogLevel` which wasn't available in 1.2 but is in 1.3)
      • ensure default values are updated (default monitor image)

      Steps to reproduce

      <What actions did you take to hit the bug?>
      1. Install 1.2 on 4.10 
      2. Upgrade to 1.3

      Expected result

      <What did you expect to happen?>

      When you upgrade, new resources are being used for existing workloads

      Actual result

      <What actually happened?>

      Workloads are still running with 1.2 resources


      <How badly does this interfere with using the software?>

      Users will have to manually patch the kataconfig or delete and recreate it to get new functionality and bug fixes in the operator.  Nothing indicates that workloads are still running on previous versions resources.


      <Where was the bug found, i.e. OCP build, operator build, kata-containers build, cluster infra, test case id>

      Additional helpful info

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