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Run Jenkins CI Tests without Payload Image


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      As maintainers of the OpenShift jenkins component, we need run Jenkins CI for PR testing against openshift/jenkins, openshift/jenkins-sync-plugin, openshift/jenkins-client-plugin, openshift/jenkins-openshift-login-plugin, using images built in the CI pipeline but not injected into CI test clusters via sample operator overriding the jenkins sample imagestream with the jenkins payload image.


      As maintainers of the OpenShift Jenkins component, we need Jenkins periodics for the client and sync plugins to run against the latest non payload, CPaas image, promoted to CI's image locations on quay.io, for the current release in development.


      As maintainers of the OpenShift Jenkins component, we need Jenkins related tests outside of very basic Jenkins Pipieline Strategy Build Config verification, removed from openshift-tests in OpenShift Origin, using a non-payload, CPaas image pertinent to the branch in question.

      Acceptance criteria

      • all PR CI Tests do not utilize samples operator manipulation of the jenkins imagestream with the in payload image, but rather images including the PRs changes
      • all periodic CI Tests do not utilize samples operator manipulation of the jenkins imagestream with the in payload image, but rather CI promoted images for the current release pushed to quay.io

      High Level, we ideally want to vet the new CPaas image via CI and periodics BEFORE we start changing the samples operator so that it does not manipulate the jenkins imagestream (our tests will override the samples operator override)

      QE Impact

      NONE ... QE should wait until JNKS-254

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      • Our CSI shared resource experience will help us here
      • but the old IMAGE_FORMAT stuff is deprecated, and does not work well with step registry stuff
      • instead, we need to use https://docs.ci.openshift.org/docs/architecture/ci-operator/#dependency-overrides
      • Makefile level logic will use `oc tag` to update the jenkins imagestream created as part of samples to override the use of the in payload image with the image build by the PR, or for periodics, with what has been promoted to quay.io
      • Ultimately, CI step registry for capturing the `oc tag` update the imagestream logic is the probably end goal
      • JNKS-268 might change how we do periodics, but the current thought is to get existing periodics working with the CPaas image first

      Possible staging

      1) before CPaas is available, we can validate images generated by PRs to openshift/jenkins, openshift/jenkins-sync-plugin, openshift/jenkins-client-plugin by taking the image built by the image (where the info needed to get the right image from the CI registry is in the IMAGE_FORMAT env var) and then doing an `oc tag --source=docker <PR image ref> openshift/jenkins:2` to replace the use of the payload image in the jenkins imagestream in the openshift namespace with the PRs image

      2) insert 1) in https://github.com/openshift/release/blob/master/ci-operator/step-registry/jenkins/sync-plugin/e2e/jenkins-sync-plugin-e2e-commands.sh and https://github.com/openshift/release/blob/master/ci-operator/step-registry/jenkins/client-plugin/tests/jenkins-client-plugin-tests-commands.sh where you test for IMAGE_FORMAT being set

      3) or instead of 2) you update the Makefiles for the plugins to call a script that does the same sort of thing, see what is in IMAGE_FORMAT, and if it has something, do the `oc tag`


      https://github.com/openshift/release/pull/26979 is a prototype of how to stick the image built from a PR and conceivably the periodics to get the image built from it and tag it into the jenkins imagestream in the openshift namespace in the test cluster


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