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FD_SOCK: client connection handlers are not removed from list


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    • 2.6.8, 2.7
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      [Igor Postelnik]
      I'm working on a system that uses JGroups 2.6.3 to maintain cache
      coherency. The system has a mix of long-lived services and short-lived
      jobs, both of which join the group. We have noticed OOM errors in our
      long-lived services and profiler shows FD_SOCK is the culprit. The
      elements of FD_SOCK.ServerSocketHandler.clients are never removed,
      even when ClientConnectionHandler terminates. It looks like
      ClientConnectionHandler should just hold a reference to the
      ServerSocketHandler.clients so that call to remove in the finally
      block of run() method modifies the original list. Instead,
      ClientConnectionHandler makes a copy of the list and so the original
      list held by ServerSocketHandler.is never updated.

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