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UNICAST3: create receiver table when non-first message is received first


    • Type: Enhancement
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    • Fix Version/s: 4.1.5
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      • A and B
      • B sends 2 messages to A: B1 and B2
      • A receives B2 before B1 (both B1 and B2 are OOB)
      • The current code has A drop B2 and B1 and send a SEND_FIRST_SEQNO message to B
      • B resends B1, but not B2
      • Retransmission needs to kick in before A receives B2. This might take up to xmit_interval * 2 ms before B2 is retransmitted and delivered

      Scenario (JGRP-2293):

      • A installs a new view
      • B sends a LEAVE-REQ to A (B is leaving, too) on the view installation and a VIEW-ACK for the view. Both messages are unicasts to A and OOB
      • The VIEW-ACK (B2) is received first and dropped, so it will have to be retransmitted
      • This delays the view installation, as A waits for view_ack_collection_timeout ms until it has received all VIEW-ACKs


      • Set GMS.leave_timeout to a higher value (say 8000ms)


      • When B2 is received, and it is not the first message and we don't have a receiver table for B yet, investigate whether we can create the receiver table anyway
      • However, this requires the first seqno from B to always be 0
        --> Investigate whether the first seqno in UNICAST3 is always 0, then this solution will work

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